We were all knocked down. The question is, who gets up first.

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As a student of history, I rely on the fact that people throughout time took the effort to write down what was happening as events unfolded. During COVID, I decided that I would “Journal” but with friends and colleagues I admire through a series of daily video Zoom-Facebook Live interviews. It allows me to remember the day, learn something new from my guest, as well as hopefully share something that others can build on.

It should be remembered that there are three tiers of focus during this crisis. First, are the sick and those front line caregivers that are working to keep us safe. Second, are those recently out of work that are in a crisis to pay bills. Third, are the small business that struggling to keep their team together in a time of uncertainty. That is my focus. The third tier. It is where my skills, interests and passion overlap to help. I’m not a doctor or a nurse. I do not write policy governing our social safety net. But I do know how to build teams and manage chaos. From my experience in Iraq to building a start-up from scratch. Let me know how I can help.

I hope you take something useful away from the videos as much as I did.

#38- Watch the 17 April interview with Dr. Anthony Edwards here.

Dr. Edwards leads the ETX Innovation Center, also having worked in public education, higher education, healthcare administration, and economic development. He discussed the particular challenges to rural America in building a Winning Workforce.

We spent a few moments building off a viewer comment from Lucy Frost talking about COVID as a time to “on-shore” business and push them out to rural America.

His main points included:
– To get Americans back to work, we must focus on workforce development as an economic imperative
– Talent is one the main reasons why companies leave a community or move to another.
– Employers, educators, government entities, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, foundations, and workforce development agencies all have a part to play in improving your region’s workforce ecosystem.
– Building a Winning Workforce requires building a sustainable workforce ecosystem that works for everyone.
– Workforce development is nonpartisan.
– Rural communities can tell their story as plan for the future to bring good jobs.

You can also join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups called Building a Winning Workforce, which is the title of his new ebook.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #leadership #ruralcommunities

— — —

#37- Watch the 17 April interview with Bill Murphy Jr. here.

Bill Murphy Jr. lays out the techniques and inspirations that allowed him to adapt his professional career over the last 20 years and how those lessons work well in an era of COVID. Bill is a journalist and entrepreneur. He is creator of Understandably.com, the author of “Breakthrough Entrepreneurship” (with Jon Burgstone), “The Intelligent Entrepreneur,” and “In a Time of War.” Previously, he reported for The Washington Post. He is a contributor to Inc. Magazine.

The lessons of his book “The Intelligent Entrepreneur” provided the inspiration for my own journey into the private. He illustrates the point that “People Will Be What They Can See”

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #covideo #leadership

— — —

#36- Watch the 15 April interview with Steve Guengerich here.

Steve Guengerich, aka SteveG, was a fountain of information today. He highlighted efforts of innovation in the era of COVID today between several institutions in north Texas to include The University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University, The DEC Network, Capital Factory, Dallas Innovates and many others.

It is a further example of innovators in all places coming together to provide the resources needed to fight against an invisible enemy.

He also highlights start-ups that have pivoted, his recent book as well as some really snappy fashion as I modeled the 50th Anniversary baseball cap that UTD had commissioned.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo #leadership #innovation #mentorship

— — —

#35- Watch the 15 April webinar on Workforce here.

I hosted a discussion on the future of the workforce with an engaging group of folks. The bottom line — the challenges of today will give us opportunities if we use the chance to go back and fix some systemic flaws in the nature of our workforce. Everything from issues of access, child care, healthcare, education, immigration, the use of data and the future of artificial intelligence. On your next walk or bike ride (with mask on!) be sure to tune into the discussion.

Thanks to DJuan Wilcher, Emily Lewin, Joe Whimple, Erica Brennes, Nancy E. Brune, and the team at altRPO for providing a wide range of perspective for how leaders should look at the underlying assumptions of our future workforce.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo #leadership #innovation #mentorship

— — —

#34- Watch the 15 April interview with Mitch Jacobson here.

My latest conversation with Mitch Jacobson of the Austin Technology Incubator, Blackstone Charitable Foundation, and Southwest I-Corps discusses the role Innovation will play to get us through the COVID era. He highlights the opportunity of everyone working together.

He also expands on the different programs he works for students, faculty, and start-ups at the The University of Texas at Austin and other ecosystems across the country.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo #leadership #mentorship

#33- Watch the 14 April interview with Suzi Sosa here.

Suzi Sosa is the co-founder and CEO of Verb Inc. Verb is an employee training platform focused exclusively on leadership development. Three weeks ago Verb launched a new content library focused entirely on the challenges employees are facing right now. Issues like:

– How to focus
– How to manage anxiety
– How to manage remote teams

Suzi believes that the Coronavirus pandemic is going to fundamentally change how leaders at work view their responsibilities and what kinds of leadership skills are valued more than others.

In the end, we will succeed by managing our energy more than just our time.
#managingchange #leadership #workforceofthefuture #mentorship #covideo

— — —

#32- Watch the 13 April webinar with the Co-Founder Tech Meet-up here.

Thx to Johan Borge at TheTechMap for inviting me to moderate a discussion w/ Elijah May of Robotters at the Co-Founder Meetup tonight. My take-away…. Everything we can do to focus on inspiring children into robotics and engineering will only help us for the future.

Check out his full keynote as well as the business pitch and keynotes.

Great to hear pitches and open-mike collaboration from Jonathan Surovell, Miles Murray, Matt “Petey” Peterson, and Tom Coyle.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #leadership #covideo #leadership

— — —

#31- Watch the 13 April interview with Prof Jim Nolen here.

Professor Jim Nolen from McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin walks us through the different types of money/relief available to small business and individuals.

He also provides tips on how to work through the process including an understanding of how the banks are paid by the government to process the loans.

It’s important to know what is available to you and your business.

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #covideo #mentorship #leadership #smallbusiness #sbaloans

— — —

#30- Watch the 11 April interview with Doctors Beth and David Hawse here.

I interviewed two doctors, Beth and David Hawse, about the reality of COVID, medical data, and the importance of data driven communications that enable decision makers to help business and public leaders do right for their workforce and customers.

The best way to make decisions in a changing world is to understand the assumptions upon which you are making your decisions.

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #covideo #leadership #COVID #COVIDEO

— — —

#29- Watch the 10 April interview with Jim Young here.

Continuing the discussion of Commercial Real Estate, Jim Young, shares his thoughts on steps the industry can take long term as well as sharing his new effort, LocalSupportCard, to allow people to buy gift cards to help local businesses.

The key take-away: Businesses should call landlords directly to work out an effective two-way agreement. And this can often be down without new contracts or need for lawyers to get involved.

What are your concerns about paying your rent?

#commercialrealestate #commercialrealestatebroker #managingchange #leadership #mentorship #futureworkforce

— — —

#28- Watch the 10 April interview with Marissa Limsiaco here.

Marissa Limsiaco and her company Otso have a possible way to unlock cash inside security deposits to allow tenants and landlords. With the ongoing crisis and economic hardships caused by COVID-19, Otso serves as a relief for businesses to receive critical financial aid through the return of existing deposits. Otso offers an industry-first guarantee program that provides essential liquidity to business tenants while providing landlords with the strength of AA-rated credit.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo #leadership #mentorship

#27- Watch the 9 April interview with Samantha Snabes here.

Samantha Snabes of re:3D Inc shares lessons learned on the frontline of COVID working Army North HQs as a reservist as well as CEO of her company working to provide PPE in real-time. There are few people closer to the fight. She has customers in 54 countries and gives several examples of how you and your community can participate in the battle against COVID.

#leadership #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo#mentorship #reserves #makersgonnamake

— — —

#26- Watch the 8 April Grayline/USTomorrow/altRPO Workforce Webinar here.

Thanks to Emily Lewin and the altRPO team for helping me host the latest Webinar on the future of the workforce. We discussed everything at the intersection of #government, #culture, #technology, and this #pandemic with Phil Dillard, Chelsea (McCullough) Collier, Seth Palmer, and Noah Zandan.

Thanks to USTomorrow and Grayline Group for helping us to promote the webinar.

#leadership #mentorship #managingchange #workforceofthefuture #covideo

— — —

#25- Watch the 8 April interview with Mike Nemeth here.

More people commented live on this conversation than other of the 25 interviews to date. You don’t want to miss my interview with Mike Nemeth, Master of the Side Hustle. If ever Tim Ferriss had a protege, it is Mike. He walks me through the logic and process of how he turns his setbacks into success. Several key takeaways from our helpful and often humorous conversation. He states:

1- Be authentic. Nothing will work if you don’t believe in it.

2- Move from idea to action fast. The middle ground is where good ideas go to die.

3- Pivot, evolve, change. Don’t try to force a solution. The market will dictate what the consumer is asking for.

#sidehustle #leadership #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #entreprenuer #covideo #mentorship

— — —

#24- Watch the 7 April interview with Tarun Nimmagadda here.

The worst of times bring out the best in people. I spoke today with Tarun Nimmagadda, the Executive Director of CoronaTrace. A non-profit building mobile tech to allow people to instantly & anonymously learn if they’ve come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19 — Avoid further contact — Get help — Save lives.

Building on his experience with John Arrow at Mutual Mobile in building mobile apps, they are on to something big everyone should be aware of.

We also talk privacy data, the role of government and innovation.

#innovation #leadership #mentorship #managingchange # #workforceofthefuture #covideo

#23- Watch the 7 April interview with Sam Brown here.

In my interview with Samantha Brown of Team Texas, we discuss the changes inside the world of economic development in over 100 communities across Texas. Like others have said, picking up the phone and talking with members has been one of her most effective tools to know what is happening to her member communities.

We discuss the future of travel, creating jobs and the Texas Economic Development Council.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #leadership #covideo #mentorship

— — —

#22- Watch the 7 April interview with Joe Clark here.

Join me with Joe Clark, Certified Financial Planner, as he lays out the impact of COVID with respect to markets, mortgages, car loans, tax planning, and other financial matters that leaders and individuals both need to be thinking about going forward.

There were several great points made:

– Rates are low. Think about the status of your loans/mortgage.

– The fundamentals of the economy were sound before the shutdown. America will rebound one day.

– And finally, don’t turn paper losses into cash losses if you can avoid it.

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #leadership #mentorship #financesector #Markets #COVIDeo

Full disclosure: This is not meant to be financial advice, always consult your financial advisor.

— — —

#21- Watch the 6 April interview with April Dominguez here.

The beauty industry is $60 Billion a year and now it’s on standstill. I interview April Dominguez co-founder of HANDSOME. They are the LinkedIn of the beauty industry and April is at the front line trying to help owners, operators, and contractors make it through tough times. She shares numerous tips, techniques and organizations making a difference. She also has advice about the roots that are showing in your own hair. As well as resources to save your business from extinction. #beautyindustry #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #cosmetics #leadership #mentorship

— — —

#20- Watch the 6 April interview with Kirstin Ross here.

Great advice from Kirstin Ross, the Managing Director of SKU, for ways that Consumer Package Goods companies can adapt in a time of disruption. She talks about supply chain management, working with Amazon delivery and clever ways companies are adapting. She also talks about several resources that we will link to below. She also describes the ever helpful, Wine-Walking. #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #covideo #leadership #CPG

— — —

#19- Watch the 6 April interview with Phil Dillard here.

Join me with serial entrepreneur and leadership/strategy expert Phil Dillard as we discuss business and life in an era of uncertainty. His recommendations fall into three categories: 1- urgent response, 2- systemic changes, and then 3- foundational reform we need to think about long term. He also shares his thoughts on where the opportunities are for making an impact that also has civic value. #leadership #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #covideo #strategy #civicengagement

— — —

#18- Watch the 5 April interview with Noreen, Nora, and Ellie here.

We talk about 3 generations under one roof. Finding boundaries, learning to live again with brothers/sisters, and find ways to move forward working. Oh, and theme nights at dinner.

#17- Watch the 4 April interview with Doctors Beth and David Hawse here.

In my latest interview, I talk with two pediatricians (David Hawse and Elizabeth Hawse) about the front line of fighting COVID. They discuss how they adapt as a medical practice as well as a family. In addition, the break down the numbers you are hearing everyday with the science behind. In addition, we talk Vectors, the Kentucky Governor daily briefings and what the future looks like. hashtag#workforceofthefuture hashtag#managingchange hashtag#covideo hashtag#leadership

#16- Watch the 4 April interview with Charlie Cliff here.

Going for an international perspective, I talk with Charles Cliff in Bogota, Colombia to discuss the lessons learned from different company cultures to understand how best to work in COVID times. It’s worth a listen to hear his distinction between managing and leading. He also explains importance of maintaining momentum in a remote workplace. He also discusses his experience with Raytheon and how the military perspective helps in his efforts. hashtag#leadership hashtag#workforceofthefuture hashtag#managingchange hashtag#mentorship hashtag#covideo

#15- Watch the 3 April interview with John Moore here.

Checking in on Hollywood with my writer/comic friend John Moore to understand the shutdown’s impact on future movies, TV shows and Hollywood in general. He has a few observations that are noteworthy: 1- There needs to be a new channel for “Pilots that were passed on” to meet the need of viewers once they are bored. 2- Now is a good time to foster a dog. 3- Since the new Top Gun movie was delayed, John let himself go as he was the body double for Tom Cruise. 4- He gives a list of all of this favorite new shows and movies. #workforceofthefuture #managingchange #covideo #hollywood #leadership

— — —

#14- Watch the 3 April interview with Nick Freshman here.

Bars and Restaurants employee over 15 million Americans. They are the very fabric of our communities. Today, I interviewed Nick Freshman, of Mothersauce Partners, a longtime entrepreneur in the food and drink industry. We discussed every aspect of the COVID impact on the industry, its people and their future.

He had great advice for his industry and the rest of the public: 1- Owner, operators — Do what you need to survive to the other side. 2- To the Public: Petition your elected leaders to ensure we set the conditions to help the industry recover. Seventy-five percent of the industry is small business. There is no guarantee they will make it. #restaurants #smallbusiness #managingchange #leadership #mentorship #covideo #chaosmanagement

— — —

#13- Watch the 2 April interview with Rachel Charlesworth here.

I talked with Rachel Charlesworth about her advice to businesses and start-ups that are trying to build (or pivot) their brand and focus their message. Essentially her expertise allows you to “Communicate your work when you’re not in the room.” During this uncertain time, she is providing free personal branding sessions via Zoom.

The key is to focus on the themes of your work and come up with a focused story for where it’s going next.

She also gives a shout out to The Wing and Hello Walden as great resources for entrepreneurs.

How are you pivoting your efforts during this time of COVID?

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #leadership #covideo

— — —

#12- Watch the 1 April webinar I hosted along with altRPO here.

I partnered with altRPO, Grayline Group, and USTomorrow, to host a webinar on the latest news, policies and resource for small business. Since the news is changing fast, I will host a weekly Workforce Webinar to keep business up to speed across the country. Thanks to the expertise of Art Markman, Shannon Razsadin, and Jessica Attas for joining Emily Lewin and Sean Ofeldt to lead a lively discussion with over 40 people across the United States. Let us help with your next webinar.

#workforceofthefuture #leadership #managingchange #mentorship #webinars #podcast

— — —

#11- Watch the 1 April interview with Dr. Michael Webber here.

In #COVIDeo #11, I discuss the invisible heroes of the utility industry that keep our lights on, water flowing and energy moving to allow us to fight COVID, communicate and live comfortably for those Sheltering-in-Place. Dr. Michael E. Webber, an expert on Energy and Water, discusses his latest article in ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) journal about the role the utility industry is playing in this time of crisis.

He also discussed how engineers in energy are retooling their talents to build ventilators.

Who are the unsung heroes you think we need to recognize?

Cool point — He was wearing his United States Military Academy at West Point sweatshirt from his office at The University of Texas at Austin.

#workforceofthefuture #managingchange #mentorship #leadership #COVIDeo

— — —

#10- Watch the 31 March interview with Steve Carroll here.

Join me with Steven Carroll as we discuss life in the era of COVID and how it impacts life, rent, economics, and family. Join in with your questions or comments. #COVIDEO

— — —

#9- Watch the 30 March interview with Craig Cummings here.

Today I talk with Moonshots Capital co-founder, Craig Cummings about Start-Ups, Investing and family adjustment in a time of COVID. In our 20 minutes, we talk best practices and ways for entrepreneurs to pivot. He gives the examples of Zello, Shep, and other ways to innovate. With a shout out to Kelly Perdew its an interview worth your listen. He also defines Extraordinary Leadership.

What are your best practices in your company?

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #pivot #leadershipdevelopment #COVIDEO

— — —

#8- Watch the March 29 Interview with John and Bita Mobbs here.

Join me with John P. Mobbs and Bita Khalili Mobbs talking about life in the times of COVID, empty nesting, and working home. #RaisingHell Join in with any comments or questions.

— — —

#7- Watch my 29 March interview with my sister, Jennifer Van Hoose, here.

Mark Zuckerberg and his FB peeps tag my sister Jennifer Kopser VanHoose as me in every photo I post, so I thought I would ask her to prove FB right with our CO-VIDEO matching outfits. #COVIDEOS. Join in with any comments.

— — —

#6- Watch the 28 March interview with Tony Hammes here.

Join my quick conversation with my long time friend Tony Hammes. Feel free to add any comments below. It’s about barber shops closing and remembering that laughter is the best lubricant to get through this time.

— — —

#5- Watch my 27 March interview with 2 of my daughters, Hadley & Piper, here.

I’m here with Hadley Kopser and Piper Kopser. Send your questions. But not your Sponge Bob Square Pants videos.

— — —

#4- Watch the 27 March Maura Nevel Thomas interview here.

Frustrated working from home? You cannot manage time. You must learn to manage distractions. The antidote to distraction is attention. That is the advice from my guest today, Maura Nevel Thomas. She gives three specific take-aways for how to improve productivity working from home. From her book, Attention Management, she recommends:

1- At home with few adults, but still with house distractions like the dog, dishwasher and laundry getting in the way? “Reward” yourself with finishing parts of your work to take a mental break and walk the dog.

2- At home with older kids or adults that get in the way? Set firm boundaries like time, notes on the door or “stepping away” to give you room to focus.

3- At home with small kids? If there is a partner, take shifts works. A sole parent? First, give yourself a break. Second, split time between high attention work tasks (while they’re outside or napping) from low attention work tasks (while they are sitting next to you watching a movie).

Share your techniques for what is working for you?

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #productivity #leadership #covid19 #getitdun

— — —

#3- Watch the 26 March Erica Brennes interview here.


In this time of disruption, reach out to folks who have been there, done that. Erica Brennes has. She was a working professional outside the home before her daughter was born, and now she is a working professional inside the home. Complete with Sesame Street furniture. She maintains her clients, her marriage, and her sanity. We all have a lot to learn about suddenly working from home with kids, pets, partners, parents, etc… This interview is rich with tips for both men and women finding themselves working from home.

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #leadership #covid19 #workfromhometips

— — —

#2- Watch the 25 March Brett Hurt interview here.

In my daily live interviews on Facebook, today I spent 25 min with Brett A. Hurt of data.world to discuss his thoughts on COVID and what leaders of all levels should be thinking about. He also shared his experiences of running a company during the Dot.com Bust, 9/11 and the Great Recession. He highlights the parallels, differences and opportunities.

#managingchange #workforceofthefuture #mentorship #leadership

— — —

#1- Watch the 24 March Nancy Giordano interview here.

At Grayline Group, our whole goal is to help people think through their leadership and strategy in a changing world. So it would make sense that our new series of interviews starts with a Strategic Futurist, Nancy (Patierno) Giordano. In our 20 min discussion she lays out the 4 things we can never unlearn:

• The sudden, collective launch into digital reliance for work, well-being and social continuity

• A tangible awareness of and compassion for current economic and societal inequities

• A clear view of our consumptive behavior on planetary health

• A deeper understanding of our selves, our capacities and our support networks

Visit her website for more information about the future as well as “Leader(ing)” her new take on Leadership.

#leadership #managingchange #workforceofthefuture #covid19

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