4 Helpful Resources to see how Robotics will impact our return to work and the overall future of work after COVID

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(1) As we plan to return to work after COVID-19, there are a number of technology issues surrounding the future of work that are coming to light.  When Bret Boyd and I wrote, Catalyst: Leadership and Strategy in a Changing World, we talked about a number of ways the workforce was being disrupted.   For instance, we foreshadowed that an aging population would accelerate the need for robotics because there are simply not enough workers in the future to meet global demand.

(2) As we write in our latest post for Grayline, COVID-19 is bringing that future into a more clear view:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant health and economic impacts across the world. One of the secondary effects is that the coronavirus is accelerating the adoption of technology, as has tended to happen in global crisis events throughout history.”

We go on in the piece to highlight:

  • Autonomous Delivery Technology
  • Social Distancing and Contact Delivery
  • Delivery Robots in the Age of Social Distancing
  • Autonomous Delivery and the Coronavirus Response
  • Public Perception and other Challenges

(3) You can also watch a quick video interview I recently conducted with Colin Guinn, of the premiere autonomous robotics and drone experts in the world.

But to better understand what is happening, I recommend that you look at the problem from several different perspectives.  First, look at it from the perspective of past, present and future.   Then make sure to look at it from different sectors of business as well as the non-profit and public sector.  For instance, the zoning and land board inside of local communities are going to have an outsized impact at the intersection of where we work, live and how we connect them all.

I’ve conducted over 50 video interviews with thought leaders and subject matter experts to get some insight into the various ways COVID-19 will impact our future of work.  You can find those interviews here.

(4) For more information about the impact on transportation and planning, I recommend the Overhead Wire.

For more information on the impact of the future workforce there are several podcasts outside of Grayline that present great opportunities to see the problem from new perspectives.  They include but are not limited to:

EconTalk by Russ Roberts


Plant Money

Markplace’s Make Me Smart


Smart Driving Cars

Or if all that might take too much time, call me. I’d love to work with your organization to adapt to the changing future of work.  You can reach me at my website, www.JosephKopser.com

I feel it important to share with you all of the various ways that I am learning about the impact of our future of work.  It is being impacted by technology, globalization, automation, and changing demographics just to name a few.  But more important, no one person has the answer.  It will require us working together and sharing ideas to get there from here.


Joseph Kopser of Grayline Group is host of Catalyst TALKS.  A series of live, interactive interviews with thought leaders, subject matter experts and operators with first hand experience in the skills needed to lead the workplace in a changing world.  His talks focus on the technology, agility, leadership, knowledge, and strategy needed to build teams in a changing world.  Joseph is also co-founder of the non-profit USTomorrow focused on workforce readiness.   Joseph’s focus is to help people adapt to the changing future of work.

Grayline Group knows that technology is changing faster than business models, and globalization has magnified the threat surface for companies, investors, and governments. Change creates opportunity and risk.  It requires the skills of new leadership and strategy in the workplace.

Grayline Group brings together experts, data, and solutions to help business and government leaders manage transformation resulting from technological and socioeconomic catalysts.

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